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Productivity Apps for Business

Productivity-app-for-businessMost business owners are always looking for different ways to work better and also save time, this is where productivity apps for business can help. This is because the more work you get done, the more profit you earn. When used appropriately, business productivity apps usually help you to become more productive. Once you save time, you can take some time off or take on some more worthwhile projects. Since most businesses work from various devices, this article will focus on the best productivity applications that can be used either on mobile or desktop devices.

Note Taking Apps


Evernote allows you to create lists, save images and also take notes. The Evernote Web Clipper enables you to save data from the web. When you save information to the Evernote, you can access it from any device as long as it has an internet connection. With this device, you can share notes with your colleagues or team members.

Google Keep

It is a great app that enables you to create quick lists for your office. Whether it’s a shopping list or some short notes, this app is readily available from your phone or through the internet.

Personal and Project Management Apps


Casual Project Management is an excellent business tool that allows for illustrations hence collaboration in a team. Working on a project can be challenging at times, and you may lose track as you make progress, but Casual ensures that everything is visual and connected to enable you to know what’s going on.


BaseCamp is a dynamic and modern software used in software management. The app is easy to interact with and very intuitive. BaseCamp enables you to communicate with your clients and also to consult with them using the template feature.


Managing passwords is a complicated task. You need to come up with secure passwords and also save them so that you can locate them quickly when you need them. LastPass enables you to create strong passwords using its password generator, and also sync your passwords between different devices and platforms, to give you easy access to your information.

Sharing Apps


Buffer allows you to schedule your posts any time during the day or night. The app helps you to manage different profiles on the social media platforms, send posts and also determine the right time to schedule your post. Buffer also incorporates with the other main workflow apps to automate your social media marketing and save you lots of time.



DropBox makes links and social sharing very easy. If you have lots of business documents, it’s an impressive tool to have to enable you to share information. It’s playful, simple, useful and also informative.

If you haven’t changed the way you carry out your business tasks, you may be wasting a lot of time and leaving lots of cash on the table. These business productivity apps will promote your work flow and save you more time on different tasks. These apps will also allow you to work with a variety of devices, from mobile to desktop.