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Write a creative project brief with these examples and templates

Every journey starts with a ticket. You need one if you wish to board a bus, train, plane or if you want to get in a theater for a show. Just as every journey begins with a ticket, every successful project begins with a brief.

What is a project brief?

A project brief is a small document that outlines the summary of your project and the ideas it entails. It gives an idea of all fields that need to be covered. Most project briefs include proposals, which review and break the project down. Project briefs varies in sizes depending on the writer and project type.

Allisian allows clients to upload their creative brief in so that teams can remember to focus on it during their daily task management. 

Elements of project brief

A project brief comes with numerous features that make it complete. They include:

  • The overview – This entails the part which explains what is expected to be achieved through the project and how the project will help in solving the existing situation or problem.
  • Roles – This section shows the major players in the project and their roles. For example, in a commercial related project, the major players include the key financial personnel.
  • The crucial financial factors – These are essential factors that make the project a success. These are factors highlighted regarding functionalities, performance, and timeline. These are the things that the project must entail for it to be a success.
  • Any related projects – This section describes the way any developing initiatives or other projects may affect the way you achieve the goals of the project.
  • The decomposition or breakdown – the part that explains the way the project will be segmented into phases or sections.

Things that make the project brief successful

Some pieces will make your project brief success, and they include:

Describing your company – Start by giving background and context information about your company. This will help the project designers or the creative team to understand your business better. It has to answer questions like the kind of products and services that you offer.

Give the project summary – This section explains the project and why it is needed. Explain the things that you need and what needs to be refreshed. Describe the project, what is included in it and why you intend to do it.

Project objective – This is the essential part of the project brief. Ensure that you think carefully when putting down the objectives. The objectives include the reason why you need the project, what you hope to achieve with it, the goals, and the problems you are aiming to solve and how you intend on measuring your success. For example, success can be measured by the number of goals you achieve. This information will help the creative team understand the purposes of the project and assist them to come up with the best solution.

Explain your target – Outline who you are targeting and the kind of customer you want to reach with the project. Share the demographic data about who they are and what behavior are expected from them.

Outline and identify your competitor – Outline who are your competitors, and you could also include some market trends and conditions affecting your industry. Outline what your competitors are doing for differentiation. This information helps the designers to know the direction to follow and while doing extra research.

Outline timing – If you have any, include the project timeline in brief. Ensure to discuss it with your designer so that you can agree on the completion date for the project.

Outline your budget – It is a wise idea to have a detailed budget for the project. Consider including it in the project brief and if the designer’s estimate is more than your planned budget you can talk it over and come up with something realistic before the project gets started.

Including the mentioned elements and considering all the crucial factors ensures that your project brief is successful.

Good project briefs help your project team deliver the best results and make sure that your project comes out a success.

Project Brief Templates

Looking for a quick way to start? Check out these project brief templates from Casual.PM

• Creative Brief Template
 Website Development Brief Template


Allisian allows clients to upload their creative brief in so that teams can remember to focus on it during their daily task management. 

Project Brief Examples

The project brief example below from Rosenfield media is a good example of how a brief doesn’t have to be a boring text doc-

Write a project brief

And here is one from the folks at Canva: