Project Roadmap Templates and Examples

Creating a roadmap for your project is no easy task. It puts you and your project under the spotlight for a timeline that is likely not in your complete control.

The good news is that roadmaps can bring alignment in ways many other types of documentation or project management can. The visual understanding of a project allows everyone to be on the same page. It brings a shared understanding that is hard to convey otherwise.  

Roadmaps don’t have to be difficult either. We have put together a group of several different well designed roadmaps to start your journey with.

Allisian allows teams to create Gantt charts and roadmaps out of project tasks. See more here.  

Typical Roadmaps

A typical roadmap may look something like this:


For more on this standard type of roadmap, you can find our article on the topic here-  Roadmaps for Your Business, Product or Project

If you are looking for something similar to this, keep reading for links to free templates below.

Outside of the Box Roadmap Examples

Below is a roadmap by Gearset – A Salesforce Release Management SaaS company. It is a perfect example of how a roadmap does not have to be a Gantt chart.

Simple Roadmap

Gearset’s roadmap is simple, but clear as to what is happening during each quarter. It takes away a lot of the interpretation that needs to occur for a roadmap to be understood.

Different-type-of-roadmap has some very interesting and different roadmaps as well. A perfect example of how you can get creative with a roadmap presentation, but still effectively present the data you need.

Powerpoint or Excel roadmap templates

Starting with a template in powerpoint is a great way to go. They can be either found online for free or for purchase. It can save you a lot of time starting with something that is already formatted.  The image above, along with other roadmap templates can be found for purchase here.

Excel templates are also convenient to use. Having a pre-set grid structure is also helpful for some people too! Here is a free excel roadmap template from Mind the Product.

Download this free powerpoint roadmap template, courtesy of Allisian.

And another free powerpoint roadmap template, courtesy of Allisian.

Software for Roadmaps

If you want your roadmap in a format that can be digitally shared, using an online app to create your roadmap is the way to go.

There are a number of software platforms out there to help you create a roadmap, and we’ll start with ours 🙂

Allisian is a tool for agencies to manage their project. Part of our tool includes a gantt chart feature which summarizes all of your task schedules into a visual view.

If you are looking to create a digital roadmap, as opposed to creating something for project management, you can check out