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Top 5 Task Management Apps


Best Task Management Software

Task management is cumbersome and hard for one to manage without messing up. Good task management software can help save money and time. Here are some of the best task management applications to help you in your duties and projects.


This is one of the most effective task management apps, and it has made its way to the top of the list of best project management software. This app relies on the Kanban system for users to organize their tasks. You can use Trello to divide your projects up by tasks and then edit those tasks with descriptions, attachments, labels, and checklists. This app is useful for teams that are working on different tasks.


  • Its layout and design is intuitive,
  • It is ideal for collaborative projects between teams


  • The app does not have an easy way to use the app to prioritize tasks between projects.

Price – This software is free for unlimited users. Users may also opt to buy Trello Gold or businesses may choose for Trello Business Class which goes for $8.33 per month and is paid out annually.


This is a trusted app in task management. It provides users with a synchronizing system which can be found on Android, Windows, PC, Mac, and iOS just to mention a few. The design of the software is intuitive and has a set up similar to Gmail where there are categories on the left like the due day or the next seven days while on the right you get the tasks that need to be done. The tasks can be broken down into subtasks in the case of collaboration, and their corresponding labels can filter them.


  • It has a straightforward design
  • Offers a mobile app
  • It has numerous cool and direct task-based features
  • It has extra features like Tordoist Karma to help users track their production which is not available elsewhere


  • The free version has limited capabilities, and it is not well-encrypted. Some of the mobile apps have issues like failure to sort issues

Starting cost – This software is free for tasks and projects, but if one requires additional features like templates, reminders, and labels, there is a cost of $29 per year.

Tracking time

This application is suitable for freelancers looking for free time clock software. It is helpful for project management for a team of up to three. It does not limit the number of tasks, and it has robust reporting tools to ensure everything is on track. It is available on Linus, OS X, Android, Windows, and iOS.


  • The application is completely free
  • It has tons of integrations like Chrome, Asana, Slack and more
  • It offers users with time estimates


  • The free version has no custom reports or calendar functionality

Cost – This app is freemium software. It includes times and performance analytics, task tracking and built-in collaboration tools and all the features are free. The vendor is however still developing premium features like powerful analytics.


If you are looking for alternative free task management software, check out Pintask. It offers you the chance to track due dates, reminders, and attachments to ensure that everything is done on time and at the right budget. The app is kanban-based, and it is wholly customized with add-on extensions to allow users to build their perfect task manager at a small cost.


  • It has an intuitive design
  • Easy for users to create their extensions
  • It is the best for team extensions


  • The user must purchase extensions which are free on other applications like card mirroring

Cost – The software is free but the cost of extensions is at $3 per month


This application caters for the Apple operating system (also an Android app is available). It is focused on simplicity, aesthetic and function. It is Kanban task management software. The free version has two free integrations like Slack, Drive or Github.


  • It has an intuitive design
  • It has lots of great integrations
  • It has both an Android and iOS app

Cost – The user pays $9 per month for more integration features, but it is free for up to two integrations.


Users can create and manage projects based on the due date and urgency with this management too. They can also use its spreadsheet view to edit tasks and use its intuitive collaboration system. People can share discussions and files that are attached straight to the tasks. Wrike can sync with Box, iCal, Google Drive and Dropbox to ensure that users can keep all their projects aligned with their respective files.


  • It offers outstanding customer services
  • Makes collaboration easy
  • It offers numerous host features


  • The free version is less-featured compared to the paid version

Starting cost – The applications free for up to five users but professionals are planning on coming up with new features that will run for $49 per month for five users and $99 for 15 users.

These are just some of the many powerful task management applications solutions available for you.


ProofHub project management software works as a central place to manage and run your projects and teams with

  • Tasks to keep things on track
  • Discussion topics to post updates, share ideas and collaborate with teams and clients
  • Files and documents to keep the entire information organized,
  • Group chat to ask questions, get answers and continue important conversations seamlessly
  • Proof and review files and documents quickly, and
  • Track time spent on the projects


• Offers more functionality than many other platforms
• White labeling available