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Three Top To Do List Apps of 2017

three-to-do-list-appsIn today’s world, it’s challenging to think of something more important than the ability to multitask efficiently – luckily our list of Top To Do List Apps can make this easy. Whether it’s homework, your babysitting job, the groceries you need to pick up after work, your house chores your mom wants you to do, or the three clients you need to call that day, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed in your day to day life. But with our faster paced lifestyle, however, also comes vastly improved technology that helps us juggle all of these things so we don’t feel overwhelmed. One of these are mobile apps, and here are three of them that focus on helping us organize our lives.

1. Wunderlist

Apple + Android, Free and Pro for $4.99/mo. Wunderlist is a wonderfully easy-to-use app, making it just right for those who are new and testing out the waters. You can use it to simply make lists, set the deadlines, and even make reminders in case you’re the type that has things slip their mind often. There’s also the option of sharing your list with others and assigning tasks to them, in case they need to get in on the action. Wunderlist Pro is offered as well, giving you unlimited task assigning, no size limit with file uploads, unlimited subtasks, and customization of the app’s background. While it’s normal for to-do apps to be freemium, it’s kind of a bummer this one puts unlimited assignment and especially subtasks behind its paywall.

2. Todoist

Apple + Android, Free and Premium for $2.99/mo. Right from the start, Todoist strives to give the user a good first impression with its basic and distraction-free app UI. Like Wunderlist, you can share your list with others and collaborate with them on the tasks, but unlike Wunderlist, the basic free version already lets you share it an unlimited amount. Todoist works on bettering even the small, quality of life features like intuitive dates, which sets dates based on normal language you type in, such as “Lunch with Sally on Saturday at 11:30.” Not just intuitive dates, the free version of Todoist gives you sub tasks and sub projects, lets you sort your tasks by highest priority, and it tracks your productivity. With its Premium version you get the ability to leave Comments, can use labels and filters, and be given Reminders, which I’d say is the only con to this app, with Reminders being only on Premium. One last thing that many would find enticing with this app is how many platforms it’s on. There’s Apple and Android phones, of course, but it’s also on Windows, Mac, the Chrome, Safari, and Firefox browsers, and the Outlook and Gmail email services.

3. Habitica

Apple + Android, Free. If you’re like me and tend to put things off until last minute or mess around with something stupid when you should be doing something else far more important, Habitica can be for you. It treats your list more like a game than just a simple organizer like Wunderlist or Todoist. Basically it’s an app to help you first get better productivity habits, if that’s a problem. It’s sorted into categories of To-Dos, Dailies, and Habits, and each time you do something on your list you’re rewarded with points or coins. These you can spend on virtual gear, like weapons or spells, for your Habitica avatar-self or for real-life awards, like an episode of your favorite TV show or playing your favorite game. By not doing your tasks you lose health for your avatar. There’s a plethora of in-app goodies you can buy that keeps you motivated apart from leveling up, like mounts, costumes, pets, and spells, and Habitica also offers achievement badges you can feel proud of. If you have other friends that play it, you can join groups, compete, and join in quests with each other where you’re accountable for each other’s health through your to-do lists. It’s basically a lite RPG that’s really a habit-building app. It does miss some basic features like lack of Reminders, priorities, or sharing, however.